Translating the Invisible Wind

by Geoff Hall
Part 3 in the 4-part series Spiritual Direction in a Postmodern Landscape

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Translate calls the artist to reject institutional subservience and form part of a living artistic community. Jacques Ellul warns us that if we pursue the methods of propaganda, we will become like any other ideology and lose the essence of our faith. Do we collaborate with the powerful? Can we resist the temptation to conform to the spirit of the age, so that we can transform a fractured, disintegrated culture?

A Spirituality of Resistance works in a subtle, subversive way, not through the edifice, but underground, in a way undetectable by the censors and prohibitors of our faith. In this way we can capture the imagination of those outside our common-unity and thus cause the ultimate downfall of the opposing ‘stronghold’ or edifice. Art works best in the margins, not at the soft-centre of some institution or other. If you want to support such activists, then don’t drag them into the Church, support them where they are culturally situated, as one would a member of the resistance!

Table of Contents

Is this a Time of Cultural Exile? 13
Collaboration? 19
Resistance? 23
Cultural Collaborators 27
Transformation 31
Propaganda 33
Critical Times 37
Artistic Responses in an Age of Propaganda 41
The Art of Changing Perceptions? 47
A Response to Despair – the Language of Lament 53
The Art of Perceiving 57
The Art of Conception 61
Art is a Spiritual Discipline 65
Redemption Narrative – The Plot Thickens when Stirred 77
Translating the Invisible Wind by the Water it Sculpts in Passing 81
In Conclusion! 91
Also in this series 110
About the author 112
Notebook 122


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