Upptäcka Network was formed in 2006 by Chris Lorensson and the other Upptäcka Network authors; the goal being to supply the platform for unorthodox thoughts on Christian spirituality, with formal publishing of these works being the long-term goal. Upptäcka Press was formed in Bristol, England in 2010 and now operates from Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Environment

Upptäcka Press uses the Lulu platform for printing & distribution. Books are printed on-demand, so unsold stock is never pulped or landfilled. Lulu prints books in regional printing centers across the world; so if you’re in Rochester, NY, your copy will be printed in Rochester, NY. This lowers carbon pollution by shipping the shortest possible distances.


Our platform makes our digital and physical books available to all digital and physical vendors, but our main online store is at lulu.com. All of our titles are available in both digital and physical formats, such as paperback and ebooks from many international vendors such as Amazon, iTunes and Kindle, and some large brick-and-mortar bookstores.


Our entire catalog is available worldwide at lulu.com and on Amazon in most countries.

eBooks are available from Amazon and the Kindle Store, and at Apple’s iBooks store.

All our books are available as a PDF download at a discounted rate, from lulu.com


Upptäcka Press accepts unsolicited manuscripts of any media type, in any form. Please head to the contact page for details.