Geoff Hall

Bristol, UK

What inspires me to write are matters of human rights and social justice. Change can be realised through non-violent action and our non-cooperation with oppressive, totalitarian Corporate States. Before we re-imagine a new world, we have to re-imagine ways to change it.

Ruth Lorensson

Fort Collins, Colorado

I was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1976. I moved to Bristol, England where I began ministering through preaching and teaching at Woodlands – a ‘free’ church – as an associate pastor. My husband Chris and two children Titus (5) and Penny (2) now live and work in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Chris Lorensson

Fort Collins, Colorado

I was born in Southern California in 1981. I began writing poetry in high school and miscellaneous spiritual / philosophical musings shortly thereafter—all influenced by punk rock and hip-hop music. The only job I’ve ever had is designing digital & physical experiences. I spent 7 years living in Bristol, England before moving to Fort Collins, Colorado with my wife Ruth and kids in 2014.