Slurp, Gulp and Start on Sounds

by Chris Lorensson

A photograph of the poetry book Slurp, Gulp and Start on Sounds. The book sits atop a butcher-block table with a dark green photophobia of the Icelandic countryside in the near background.

About the book

I wrote poetry actively from 1995–2005. I put the majority of those poems into the anthology pictured here and ordered this single copy to proof for print. I then had a catastrophic data loss, losing all the design and layout files for the book. It took so long to put it together, and there we so many corrections that I never picked it back up. This single copy sat on my shelf for the last ten years.

I’m now sharing the book with the world in the form of a podcast, where I will read the poems aloud. I plan to get through all 196 poems by the end of 2023.

Poems, editing and cover by Chris Lorensson

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