Thank you – Gracias. A shop in Madrid HDRWe’ve sussed out what we’ll be doing for our first set of publications. Be sure to subscribe for our irregular (and non-spammy) email updates so you get the latest news in your inbox when any of these are available for purchase. By the way- we’re going to do our best to make sure all our publications are also readily available as eBooks, so you can read them in all their electronic glory on your e-reader (not to mention your Kindle or iPad!).

And special thanks to everyone who has gotten us this far- it’s been a long time in the making, and we’re so pleased to finally be publishing with your support!

Upcoming publications

  • Slurp, Gulp and Start on Sounds
    A poetry anthology from Chris Lorensson
  • The Wilderness and the Desert of the Real
    By Geoff Hall
  • The Cultural Way of Being
    By Geoff Hall
  • TheSpiritual Informs TheAesthetic
    on aesthetics by Geoff Hall
  • Art to the Max
    on visual art by Geoff Hall

(credit for the beautiful photo of the books goes to marcp_dmoz on Flickr)