Spiritual Direction in a Postmodern Landscape

A series of four short essays printed as four books, each with a ‘notebook’ built right into the back of the book. The first of this series The Wilderness and the Desert of the Real is our very first publication. The Cultural Way of Being is second in the series, and we just released the third Translating the Invisible Wind. The fourth and last title, The Artist’s Autobiography, is also now available in our Shop.

TheSpiritual Informs TheAesthetic

by Geoff Hall, will be published in 2011 2012
A collection of 9 articles on aesthetics. (more info coming soon)

Art to the Max

by Geoff Hall, will be published in 2011 2012
A collection of 7 articles on visual art. (more info coming soon)

Slurp, Gulp and Start on Sounds

by Chris Lorensson, published 2011 2012

196 poems dating from 1998-2010, unsorted, unabridged and untamed, this exhaustive compilation has been literally over a decade in the making. With a philosophically sarcastic take on topics such as youth in revolt, God, beauty and pain, this selection presents a modern and poignant book, highlighting the author’s keen investment in hip-hop lyricism from the perspective of the youthful gutter-punk.

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