Publishing enquiries

If you think Upptäcka Press is the right home for your work, feel free to get in touch with us by filling out this form, or email your bio and manuscript to We are happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts, but we advise that you have a look through some of the other titles that we’ve published to see if you think your work fits.

Manuscript guidelines
We haven’t got loads of people on-staff for 40 hours/week for this sort of thing, but we’re very keen to see new ideas. As such, we prefer something we can get through in a day rather than in a week. Word Document or Rich Text File (RTF) preferred. Email it to us at

Who we’re looking for
Upptäcka Press is looking for dedicated writers of fiction, philosophy, religious, essay, poetry and even multimedia and music works. Most of our writers have been writing for over 10 years and have been published before. Unlike most publishers, Upptäcka Press was started by writers, artists and other dissidents. As such, we are open to what the industry would certainly call crazy ideas, so if you think you’ve got one of those, we’re listening.

Type of work
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