There’s been a lot of talk in the Upptäcka community about what’s going to happen to the Upptäcka Network, now that Upptäcka Press is in full swing. So we’re delighted to announce that Upptäcka Network will remain live and continue to serve its purpose of collecting and fostering unorthodox thoughts on Christian spirituality.

When Upptäcka Network launched, it was our starting point and served several purposes, some of which are now handled by Upptäcka Press. As such, we’ve treated Upptäcka Network to a fresh new design to make it more simple and readable, and let Upptäcka Press handle a lot of the heavy-lifting instead.

Some of the new features include:

  • More contextual navigation by using tags and categories, so you can read more of what you’re interested in
  • More robust sidebar, so you can browse posts by author, recent, tag or category
  • A list of related posts at the end of each article to show you more articles about that subject

We’re very excited to be able to keep Upptäcka Network going, and we think you’ll like the new look and how easy it is to read. Thanks for visitng.

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